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Part # HK100@ features:

  • Easy to Use!
  • Automatically controls the sample size
  • Simple evaluation by color comparison.
  • Responds Consistently in a wide variety of aviation jet fuels
  • Aviation Jet (Turbine) Fuels
  • One year shelf life (refer to date on box)

The HYDROKIT® is an effective “Go, No-Go” field test designed to periodically check for free water, which is removed to ppm levels by properly operating filter/ separators, Aquacon®, and monitor vessels. Samples are normally taken downstream of the vessel, but they can also be taken at other points in the fuel distribution system. The HYDROKIT® is designed to indicate free water in excess of 30* ppm by changing the powder contained in the sample tube to a pink color. Thirty ppm is generally accepted as the maximum amount of water permissible when fueling aircraft