As some of you already know, we are selling more Hewitt aviation hose. To ease any concerns about “switching” from Contitech hoses, do not fear!

The Hewitt hose line is exclusively made by Contitech. These are also certified to meet requirements, therefore you are not compromising on the quality. Available in diameters from .75” up to 4”.

HEWITT HIGHLIGHTED: Hewitt 4113 Aviation Fueling Hoses

  • Permanent Fittings
  • Used for commercial and private aircraft
  • Resistant to jet fuel and higher aromatic aviation gasolines
  • Compatible with use on hydrant service
  • Meets EI 1529, 7th edition, 2014 and European Standard ISO 1825 (2011), Type C, Grade R, and NPFA 407
  • Recommended for all types of riser deck, reel, and hydrant hose applications
  • All aviation hose assemblies are 100% hydrostatic tested to 600 PSI and inspected for electrical continuity
  • Every hose receives a unique serial number and test certificate