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We currently have offices in both Georgia and Florida.

102-A Scott Oak Drive
Eatonton, GA 31024

2501 S.W. 57th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34474


Company Products
ACR INDUSTRIES Brass & stainless steel fittings.
AEROQUIP Hydraulic hose fitting
ALLEGHENY COUPLING Weld pipe elbows, strainers, valves
A.L. THOMPSON Decals, etc.
AMERICAN REELING Hose and grounding reels
APOLLO Ball valves, spring return
ARMSTRONG Air eliminators
Aqua-Sorbs Products Water Magnet, remove water from fuels
AQUATROL INC Pressure relief valves
ASHCROFT, INC Gauges, thermowells
BAGBY GAGE STICK, INC Gauging wooden sticks.
BETTS Lights, manhole covers, and valves
BIMBA Air cylinders
BLACKMER Positive displacement Pumps
BROOKS Meters and control valves
BURGESS Switches
CAMERON Double block & bleed plug valve
CARTER Nozzles, control valves, hydrant couplers
CHELSEA PTO’s, hydraulic valves, and pumps
CIVACON Kamvalock adapters and dust caps
CLA-VAL Control valves, nozzles, and hydrant couplers
COLE HERSEE Switches, electrical Products
COTTA Transfer cases and parts
DEMCO Butterfly Valves
DIAMOND RUBBER PRODUCTS Protective caps, handles.
DIXON VALVES Kamlok, couplers, fittings.
DWYER INSTRUMENTS, INC Gauges, manometers, switches, transmitters.
EMCEE ELECTRONICS Digital conductivity meter
EMCO WHEATON Nozzles, swivels, probes, and kits
EMERSON PROCESS MGT. Daniel products.
ERNST FLOW INDUSTRIES Liquid level and fluid-monitoring equipment
FACET INTERNATIONAL Filter vessels, elements
FJORD Protective caps, handles
FLOWTEK Valves and actuators
GAMMON TECH PRODUCTS Testing equipment, fuel sampling
GEMS Flow sensors and level switches
GREER ABSORBENT PRODUCTS Spill containment absorbent pads, sock
GREER BLADDER PRODUCTS Surge suppressers and accumulators
GOODYEAR Aircraft fueling hoses, tank truck hose.
GORMAN RUPP Pumps, parts, fueling, and defueling valves
GREAT PLAINS INDUSTRY Liquid flow meters
GT MIDWEST/HEWITT Aircraft & Jack riser hose
HALE PRODUCTS, INC Fire pumps & Foam Proportioning Systems
HANNAY REELS Hose reels, grounding reels
HARCO INDUSTRIES Nozzle & gas station equipment
HONEYWELL Solenoids, switches
ICL CALIBRATION LAB Gauging tapes, plum bob, and hydrometers
ISLIP FLOW CONTROLS INC Industrial Strainers, Valves, Basket Strainers
JAXON FILTRATION Specialty Filters & accessories
KIMBALL ELECTRONIC LABORATORY Calibration of gauges & specialty tools
LATROBE FOUNDRY Specialty aluminum fittings
LIQUID CONTROLS Meters, strainers, air elimination, and parts
MARSH BELLOFRAM Industrial gauges
MORRISON BROTHERS COMPANY Fluid handling & petroleum equipment parts
NORDIC Now Reelcraft hose and grounding reels
NORRISEAL Butterfly- disc valves
OPW ENGINEERING SYSTEMS, INC. Bottom loading, floating suction, swivel joints
OPW FUELING COMPONENTS, INC. Nozzles & service station equipment
PARKER INDUSTRIAL HOSE DIV. Hose, twin sense, deadman
PARKER TITAN Hoses, Jackriser hose
P.S.I. INC Pipeline Seal & Insulator
PNEUMERCATOR Level gauging, alarm, leak detection sensors
PRIDE CAST METALS Metal casting, military specs
PUROLATOR FACET Filtration products
ROCHESTER Tank contents and level gauges
RYAN MANUFACTURING Emergency Fuel Spills. Fuel Sponge
SCHULTZ Differential pressure gauges, fuel sampling
SCOTTS MFG. Metrocator kit, water detector
SCULLY Electronic safety devices and overfill protection
SHELL PRODUCTS Shell water detector kits
SMITH Meters and valves
SNAP TITE Quick disconnect fittings
SPAN Gauges
TAYLOR VALVE TECHNOLOGY, INC. Pressure relief valves
TUTHILL TRANSFER SYSTEMS Pumps, heavy duty process pumps
US FILTER Filters for water
VAREC Float & tank gauge
VEEDER-ROOT Meter registration
VELCON FILTERS Filter vessels and replacement elements
VICTAULIC Couplings, gaskets, and valves
W.A. HAMMOND DRIERITE CO. Desiccants & absorbents
WIKA Gauges
WILLIAM E WILLIAMS VALVE CORP. Gate valves, butterfly valves
WHITTAKER / THIEM Nozzles, control valves & hydrant couplers