Our Manufacturers

ALTE works with the best to supply you with top-quality products. We are proud to sell and provide products from these fine manufacturers.

Products by Company

A.L. Thompson Enterprises, Inc.Custom made decals & fuel testing kits
Able ProductsDust covers, ground support equipment
American Reeling Devices, Inc.Hose and grounding reels
Apollo Valves - ConbracoBall valves, spring return
Bagby Gage Stick, Inc.Gauging, wooden sticks
Betts IndustriesLights, manhole covers, and valves
Blackmer PumpsPositive displacement Pumps
Brooks InstrumentMeters and control valves
Cameron ValveDouble block & bleed plug valve
Carter Eaton ValveNozzles, control valves, hydrant couplers
ClaValControl valves, nozzles, and hydrant couplers
Crown Products, Inc.Gauges, fluid monitoring, orings, gaskets
Dixon Valve and Coupling Company, LLCBossloc®, valves, fittings, cam & groove, couplings, loading arms, swivel joints
Dwyer Instruments, Inc.Gauges, manometers, switches, transmitters
Emco WheatonNozzles, swivels, probes, and kits
Engineered Specialty Products, Inc.Gauges
Flow-tek Valves & Controls Inc.Valves and actuators
Gammon Technical ProductsTesting equipment, fuel monitoring, sampling & testing
Gorman Rupp PumpsPumps, parts, fueling, and defueling valves
Goulds PumpsIndustrial pumps and processing
Hammonds CompaniesAdditive injection systems
Hannay Reels, Inc.Hose & grounding reels
Husky CorporationHewitt Aviation refueling hoses - tested & certified
Islip Flow Controls, Inc.Industrial Strainers, check valves, butterfly valves
Jaxon FiltrationSpecialty filters & accessories
Latrobe Foundry Machine & Supply CompanySpecialty aluminum fittings
MeggitNozzles, control valves & hydrant couplers
Morrison Brothers CompanyFluid handling & petroleum equipment parts
OPW Engineered SystemsKamlok® couplers, loading arm systems, quick & dry disconnects, swivel joints, process products
OPW Fueling Components - CIVACONDispensing & service station equipment, fuel containment, under & above ground storage tank equipment, piping, transfer products, nozzles, adaptors, dust caps. Kamvalok®
Parker VelconVessels, housings, filter cartridges, elements, condition monitoring
PECOFacetFilter vessels, elements
Schultz Engineered ProductsTanks, fuel handling and testing equipment, fuel recovery systems, differential pressure gauges.
ScullyGauges, electronic safety devices, overfill protection & static grounding for aviation applications
Snap-TiteQuick disconnect fittings
Taylor Valve Technology, Inc.Pressure relief valves
Technip FMCMeters and valves
Tencarva Machinery CompanyProcess equipment solutions, pumps
Titan Logix Corp.Fluid management solutions, mobile & stationary tank gauges
Total Control SystemsValves, flow meters, accessories, electronic registers
ValcorValves, accumulators, regulators
William E Williams Valve CorporationGate valves, butterfly valves
WKM-DEMCOButterfly Valves

We also Supply Sensor, Kits, Absorbents, Air Eliminators, and Dust Caps